Whilst working as Lead Animator at Sixteen South I have been able to combine 4 years worth of series animation expertise with the analytical and personal skills I developed during my year lecturing on the Animation degree course at Plymouth College of Art. Managing my team provided me the opportunity to augment my critical faculties and gain directorial experience as well as encouraging me to become adept at juggling several key roles simultaneously. Animator, Director, Project manager, I found that the role of lead Animator combines many disparate skills and as my understanding of the production process has deepened the animation I create has become more rigorous and refined.

Previous to working at Sixteen South I worked with King Rollo Films on two productions Winnie and Wilbur and Poppy Cat 2, as well as working on the development of several new series. On Poppy Cat 2, a Nickelodeon children's series that aired in over 85 countries, I worked as an animator under the brilliant direction of Neil Fitz. I was able to gain a very complete understanding of the software CelAction so that when production ended I was selected to stay on to train to teach the software and work on pre-production for other projects. On Winnie and Wilbur my role was more generalist, I was a senior animator but also worked on background design, prop and character design and building. This meant I was able to broaden my understanding of Cel Action in terms of pre-production work so that I now have a robust ability to build actors in Cel Action and have even been able to teach on the subject.

longside series production, lecturing in animation and teaching Cel Action, I keep up my own artistic practice. This includes painting, drawing, children’s book illustration and creating animated films. This practice allows me to experiment with other mediums such as hand drawn and stop motion animation. I have a wide variety of artistic interest which stems from my degree in Fine Art Drawing. I graduated from Camberwell College of Art and Design with a 1st class honours degree in 2012. The form of my work changed throughout my degree, hovering somewhere between installation, animation, painting and sculpture. However drawing was always present, providing a consistent foundation for the development of my ideas throughout.

After graduating I had a year of freelance and personal work before moving to Bournemouth to study MA 3D Computer Animation at the NCCA from which I graduated in the summer of 2013. My MA allowed me to apply the self-motivated, independent work ethic I had developed on my degree in pursuit of the new skills of 3D modelling, texturing, lighting and compositing as well as 3D animation. I gained experience of working in groups, and taking on the roles of character designer, storyboard and layout artist and became proficient in the use of the 3d software SoftImage and increased my knowledge of Maya.

The Fine art degree I chose to do endowed me with substantial resources of self-motivation which have served me well as an independent Artist. I have no problem sustaining enthusiasm and like many animators I am stubborn, unhappy unless I feel that what I am creating is just right. I am fascinated with the process of constructing movement and the creation of character, empathy and story. I am passionate about animation and exploring the scope of the human imagination.

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